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A Food Lover’s Guide to the Cotswolds: Best Local Eats and Treats

Cotswolds might be renowned as an area that has quaint villages and picturesque landscapes, but for the food enthusiasts, they know that it has more to offer. Food lovers can already feel their taste buds going highwire because of the rich culinary heritage that’s hidden in Cotswolds. In Gloucestershire on the northern edge of the Cotswold is a charming village hotel in Mickleton, that promises more than just a cozy stay, but a gastronomic adventure too. The Three Ways House Hotel is the birthplace of the legendary Pudding Club, an event that makes dessert lovers from all over flock to its door.


Unveiling the Culinary Delights of The Pudding Club

Established in 1985, The Pudding Club was created with a very noble mission, and that is to preserve the sweet, sticky and irresistible traditional British pudding. When you step into the room, the sweet smell of baking already has you salivating to try the sweet treats. But you or not just going to taste one, or two. No, get your food loving stomachs ready to try seven different types of puddings.

This event is held regularly at the Three Ways House Hotel and all the attendees first get started with a light main dish. Big enhances on light as you do need ample room for the main event. The seven puddings get their own time to shine as they get introduced one at a time in the Parade of Seven Traditional Puddings. There is always a profession and fanfare accompanying each dish. The puddings range from Eton Mess to Sticky Toffee, which give all food lovers attending a sweet taste of the culinary heritage of the region.


The Heart of Cotswold Cuisine

The region’s abundance of fresh product, locally reared meats, and artisan cheeses is a testament that the magic of the Cotswolds cuisine doesn’t begin and end at the dessert. It’s a mecca for those food lovers who love to explore local flavors. The Three Ways House Hotel embraces seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, making sure that you can taste the flavors of Cotswolds in each of their dishes. Not only is Three Ways House Hotel committed to local produce, they want to elevate each dining experience with fresh and delicious dishes.

Even behind the sweet and sticky offering of The Pudding Club, Three Ways House Hotel wants to take every opportunity to make sure that their guests can participate and engage with the local food scene. Celebrating Cotswolds agricultural heritage and showing off the magnificent local produce.



For the food lover, dining in the Cotswolds and enjoying the best local eats and treats is about tasting, reveling and exploring the culinary traditions that make the area unique. The Pudding Club at the Three Ways House Hotel is proof of the rich gastronomic culture in the region. Whether you have already experienced your Parade or if you are a food lover traveler that has this event on your bucket list, it will surely leave you with sweet memories that will last a lifetime.